phoenix arizona water parksWith summer fast approaching us and with the heat temperatures rising, you may want to check into some of the local water parks offered around the Phoenix Metro area.  My favorite is at Wet ‘N’ Wild Phoenix which offers a wide variety of activities for families and kids of all ages
Younger Kids
For the younger kids, there are three kid rides which include Boogie Board Beach, Soak ‘Em Playground and Wet ‘N’ Wild JR. The Soak ‘Em Playground is for the youngest of kids. It includes various sprinklers such as pelicans, mushrooms, flowers and more.  The Boogie Board Beach is a multi-level playground that offers many different interactive features including nine slides and a tipping bucket at top that spills water below.  Wet ‘N’ Wild JR is a kid size version of the adult park. This is fun for the whole family including the little ones. It offers Tiny Typhoon ride, Screamin’ Streamers, and Banzai Racers.
Older Kids
There is also thrill rides geared more for the older kids and teenagers. My favorite is the Constrictor which is the world’s first water slide that has the tightest curves, tighter than any other water slide.  Mammoth Falls is a category 5 river rapid experience. The ride mirrors a white water rafting experience.  Phoenix Flyers offers riders a choice of three slides dropping down the distance of a four story building. The slides vary from mild to very twisty slides.   My son’s favorite is the Maximum Velocity.  This is a water roller coaster that allows you to race on tubes side by side up and down hills at crazy speeds. They also have a Tornado ride which allows two or four riders to experience the ultimate extreme 160-foot tunnel that spins you around before dropping into the eye of the storm.
Family Friendly
The family friendly rides include a newly opened Crazy Cactus Roaring River with waves, tipping buckets, and waterfalls.  Desert Racers is not one I’m a fan of but my son loves due to the fact he can race us head first down slides starting from four stories high. Another ride I’m not a fan of and I consider to be more of a thrill ride is the Serpentine Complex.  It includes 2 coiling slides that drop and dip and twist more than 320 feet down. One of my favorites is the Raging River. this provides you the calmer white water rafting experience that winds down 600 feet.  Finally, there is Monsoon Bay wave pool. You can ride four foot waves in a tube or body surf.  It also allows you to lounge along small waves in the shallow end.  The most exciting thing about the Wave pool is that it also provides Dive ‘n’ Movie events throughout the summer every Thursday and Friday night. Whether you’re a local or a visitor plan on a full fun filled day at this park as the rides never get old and the laughs with your family and kids never end. We hope you enjoyed this post, it was official sponsored by Poly’s Towing in Phoenix (…

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